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Back in 2017, the majority of scented candles available in Indonesia were dominated by overpriced and mass-produced candles from the United States and Europe. Some of the brands even contain additives and use paraffin wax as their raw materials. At the same time, there was a rising demand for natural and environmental-friendly products especially among the millennials and Gen Z generation. 

As the second generation of a prayer candle manufacturer, I saw a new opportunity in the scented candle market. The opportunity to create products that accommodate the demand for natural scented candles. As a result, we focus on creating products with natural ingredients, eco-friendly, and most importantly locally sourced materials.

At Olfactory, we produce eco-friendly candles with 100% vegetable wax, infused with the finest quality fragrance and pure cotton wick to ensure a clean burning and outlasting scent. 

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